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Secrets of Reading And How it Boosts Your Brain Powers

Reading and brain

Reading and brain
Good functioning of the brain is the key to a healthy and happy life. As long as your brain is sharp and alert, you will keep enjoying the pleasures of life and help others in achieving the same as well. Hence, it is very important to indulge in such activities that improve brain functioning and boost your intelligence.

Reading is one such activity. Since it is a stress-buster, it saves your brain cells from being killed early. Are you wondering how reading improves brain functioning and increases intelligence? Well, read on to find out the ways in which your brain profits by this easy-to-form and enjoyable exercise.

Reading stimulates your brain

Reading provides more stimulation to the brain than watching a movie or listening to an audio tape. Neuroscience has proven that when you read, the brain tries to process the words form a meaning. It is more challenging for the brain. The sentences require your intelligence to decipher their meanings and form sensible information.

What Kills Brain Cells And How To Prevent It

Brain Cells
Your brain cells can be dying, making your mental abilities weaker and making you dumber. There are things that causes the unnatural death of brain cells and it significantly reduces your memory, critical thinking, reasoning, problem solving and other abilities. So, your memory is becoming a tad bit bleak and what you learned a fortnight ago has been reduced to a mere blur, is this normal? While preventing the death of your brain cells may seem as impossible as preventing aging, there are proven ways that can actually work to keep your brain cells active. Before we talk about how to help the brain producing more brain cells, what are some things from our everyday life that can kill brain cells? Here’s 7:

1. Alcohol- Consuming too much of alcohol will kill your brain cells. Drinking little won’t cause you much of a problem, but abusing alcohol is not a joke. Besides causing several health issues, it is a very big enemy of your brain.
2. Eating unhealthy food - The brain cells just like any other body cells require nutrients to survive. If in any case they do not receive the essential vitamins and minerals required to function properly they obviously die.

3. Drugs - Want to wipe out the a huge part of brain cells on your brain’s pleasure center? Take drugs like cocaine and you are good to go.

10 Best Ways Of Increasing Your Intelligence

Increase Intelligence

Increase Intelligence
The amazing fact about the brain is that no matter how smart or how old you are, you can always increase your intelligence. First, what exactly is intelligence? Intelligence can be defined as the capacity for learning, reasoning, and understanding. It can also be defined as the aptitude one has in grasping truths, facts, and meanings. Or, it can be summed up as the entire faculty of understanding.

Some people are just naturally more intelligent than others, however, there are certain things anyone can do to increase their intelligence. Want to be smarter? Here’s 10 things you can do:

1) Experience New Things

New experiences will help to stimulate the brain and challenge it to do something new. New stimuli actually changes the structure of the brain by creating new neural pathways. This leads to an increase in intelligence. This can be something as simple as learning a new form of dance, or finding a different route to get someplace you want to go.

Why You Should Avoid Stress If You Want To Be Smart

Stress at job
Stress – Something that out bodies adapted to help us survive now is being a cause of a malfunctioning of our brains. It has become a part of our everyday lives. We get stressed at work, at school, in a crowded train and more we get stressed, more we damage our brains and our bodies. So, what exactly is stress?

Stress is any factor which causes a disturbance to the body’s homeostasis and forces it to enter the fight or flight situation. There are different things which take place in our minds and bodies when we have to react to stressor. First of all, the brain gives a signal which results to a surge of adrenaline; the muscles of our bodies become stronger in preparation for what is to come, our senses become more alert, and then you can easily do the impossible…like run faster than a deer when being chased by an enemy! Stress is good as it helps us to get through dangerous situations, but when it becomes persistent, certain brain problems may occur.

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