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3 Simple Rules Of Achieving Any Goal In Life

Achieving Goal

We all have goals in life and we all plan for the future. We all have resolutions like losing weight, getting a better job, graduating from college or even simple ones like reading one book a week or hosting an awesome Christmas party. We plan to do them. We decide that we really want to achieve them and then when some time passes, we just give up. What happened? The thing is, as you might already know, sticking with plans is not easy at all. If it was, everyone would achieve their goals and we would have a very happy society. In reality, majority of people fail achieving their goals. So, how can we stick with plans and push ourselves till the finish line? Here are some rules:

Rule # 1 – Be realistic – Ask yourself: “Can I really do that?”. While I don’t want you to limit yourself mentally, setting unrealistic goals can be a primary reason of failing to achieve them. Lets say you deciding that you enjoy jogging a lot and you would like to increase distance in the future and run longer and longer. You run 2 miles a day and then you decide that you want to run a 26 mile long marathon in two months. It’s an awesome idea to run a marathon, but it takes at least a year to train for a marathon that long.

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