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There are many nutrition myths that misguide people and make them believe something that simply is not true. While talking about nutrition myths, we must be careful. Wrong information about the food we eat can be very dangerous and can cause many health problems. Sometimes very healthy food loses reputation because of the misinformation and false belief. In order to avoid this, here’s the top 5 nutrition myths that you must not believe:

Myth #1 – Drinking regular soda is bad, but diet one is okay – 1 Can of classic Coca-Cola has 143 calories while diet Coke has 0. That sounds awesome right? No calories in your body means no weight gain.. Wrong! It’s a myth that the people use to justify their soda consumption. “Oh I’ll have diet coke, I’m trying to be healthy” – That’s not how it works unfortunately. No matter how much we love the taste, it’s bad for you.

Died soda messes up your metabolism. According to the study that was done in University of Minnesota 4 years ago, drinking one can of diet soda increases the metabolic syndrome by 34%. As the study from Harvard University shows, consuming diet soda is linked to the kidney diseases as well. It is also very acidic since it has pH and it causes teeth rotting. There are lots of other studies done on diet sodas and none of them showed any benefit for our bodies. Try to avoid it and replace it with other less harmful drinks.

]]> 0 3 Simple Rules Of Achieving Any Goal In Life Tue, 01 Jan 2013 05:28:05 +0000 admin Achieving Goal

We all have goals in life and we all plan for the future. We all have resolutions like losing weight, getting a better job, graduating from college or even simple ones like reading one book a week or hosting an awesome Christmas party. We plan to do them. We decide that we really want to achieve them and then when some time passes, we just give up. What happened? The thing is, as you might already know, sticking with plans is not easy at all. If it was, everyone would achieve their goals and we would have a very happy society. In reality, majority of people fail achieving their goals. So, how can we stick with plans and push ourselves till the finish line? Here are some rules:

Rule # 1 – Be realistic – Ask yourself: “Can I really do that?”. While I don’t want you to limit yourself mentally, setting unrealistic goals can be a primary reason of failing to achieve them. Lets say you deciding that you enjoy jogging a lot and you would like to increase distance in the future and run longer and longer. You run 2 miles a day and then you decide that you want to run a 26 mile long marathon in two months. It’s an awesome idea to run a marathon, but it takes at least a year to train for a marathon that long.

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Top 10 Snacks You Must Not Eat Tue, 01 Jan 2013 00:45:20 +0000 admin Potato Chips Are Bad For YouEveryone loves snacks. They are great when we are hungry, when we hang out with friends, watch something and even when we just want to have something tasty.  We enjoy having them, but most of the popular snacks are so bad for your health that you should start saying no to them. Some of them are obviously unhealthy and the people are aware what they are putting in their bodies, but there are also snacks that might seem healthy, but in reality they are one of the worst food and eating them won’t have a good consequences. Here’s the list of 10 unhealthy snacks that you should never eat and replace it with other healthier option.

1. Potato Chips – Everyone’s favorite, but the hard truth is there’s absolutely nothing good about them. Enter the first of our 10 worst snacks for the health. High in fat, the unhealthiest kind of carbs, saturated with salt and extremely addictive. Here’s a hidden danger – did you know when you fry potatoes they alter chemically and show signs of a substance that’s proven to cause nerve damage? It’s true. Scary. huh?

2. Roasted Nuts - Most roasted nuts come seasoned with salt and honey too. Bad idea, for the health conscious. Recent studies have even questioned the protein content of roasted nuts, suggesting the roasting process strips them of much of the healthy protein. Either way the harm they deliver is too great to be eaten with any sort of regularity.

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Top 10 Worst Processed Food You Should Never Eat Fri, 28 Dec 2012 16:48:16 +0000 admin French Fries Are Bad For Your Health
The popularity of processed food is going up. The main reason is that it’s convenient and affordable. However, with all the sugar, salt, preservatives and fat, processed food are not something you want to eat if you want to be healthy. Even though the temptation is strong and many times it’s much simpler to eat them than go for a healthy alternative, you should try to avoid them. What kinds of processed food are the worst? Here’s the top 10:

Chicken Nuggets –  They are readily available, mouthwatering and tasty. However, they are bad for you. You would rather consume grilled skinless chicken breast or chicken strips if you want to eat chicken meat. Whether you buy them from your local restaurant or out of your freezer, chicken nuggets are high in preservatives, fat and salt and has no benefit for your body.

French Fries –  Extremely popular, but very few realize the amount of calories contained even in the smallest serving of French fries.  Besides high calories, it offers very little nutritional value for your body. Try to avoid eating french fries as they are linked to obesity and raised blood sugar level.

]]> 0 Secrets of Reading And How it Boosts Your Brain Powers Mon, 17 Dec 2012 04:59:04 +0000 admin Reading and brain
Good functioning of the brain is the key to a healthy and happy life. As long as your brain is sharp and alert, you will keep enjoying the pleasures of life and help others in achieving the same as well. Hence, it is very important to indulge in such activities that improve brain functioning and boost your intelligence.

Reading is one such activity. Since it is a stress-buster, it saves your brain cells from being killed early. Are you wondering how reading improves brain functioning and increases intelligence? Well, read on to find out the ways in which your brain profits by this easy-to-form and enjoyable exercise.

Reading stimulates your brain

Reading provides more stimulation to the brain than watching a movie or listening to an audio tape. Neuroscience has proven that when you read, the brain tries to process the words form a meaning. It is more challenging for the brain. The sentences require your intelligence to decipher their meanings and form sensible information.

]]> 0 What Kills Brain Cells And How To Prevent It Mon, 17 Dec 2012 00:52:21 +0000 admin Brain Cells
Your brain cells can be dying, making your mental abilities weaker and making you dumber. There are things that causes the unnatural death of brain cells and it significantly reduces your memory, critical thinking, reasoning, problem solving and other abilities. So, your memory is becoming a tad bit bleak and what you learned a fortnight ago has been reduced to a mere blur, is this normal? While preventing the death of your brain cells may seem as impossible as preventing aging, there are proven ways that can actually work to keep your brain cells active. Before we talk about how to help the brain producing more brain cells, what are some things from our everyday life that can kill brain cells? Here’s 7:

1. Alcohol- Consuming too much of alcohol will kill your brain cells. Drinking little won’t cause you much of a problem, but abusing alcohol is not a joke. Besides causing several health issues, it is a very big enemy of your brain.
2. Eating unhealthy food - The brain cells just like any other body cells require nutrients to survive. If in any case they do not receive the essential vitamins and minerals required to function properly they obviously die.

3. Drugs - Want to wipe out the a huge part of brain cells on your brain’s pleasure center? Take drugs like cocaine and you are good to go.

]]> 0 10 Best Ways Of Increasing Your Intelligence Fri, 14 Dec 2012 18:35:44 +0000 admin Increase Intelligence
The amazing fact about the brain is that no matter how smart or how old you are, you can always increase your intelligence. First, what exactly is intelligence? Intelligence can be defined as the capacity for learning, reasoning, and understanding. It can also be defined as the aptitude one has in grasping truths, facts, and meanings. Or, it can be summed up as the entire faculty of understanding.

Some people are just naturally more intelligent than others, however, there are certain things anyone can do to increase their intelligence. Want to be smarter? Here’s 10 things you can do:

1) Experience New Things

New experiences will help to stimulate the brain and challenge it to do something new. New stimuli actually changes the structure of the brain by creating new neural pathways. This leads to an increase in intelligence. This can be something as simple as learning a new form of dance, or finding a different route to get someplace you want to go.

]]> 0 Why You Should Avoid Stress If You Want To Be Smart Thu, 13 Dec 2012 00:20:14 +0000 admin Stress at job
Stress – Something that out bodies adapted to help us survive now is being a cause of a malfunctioning of our brains. It has become a part of our everyday lives. We get stressed at work, at school, in a crowded train and more we get stressed, more we damage our brains and our bodies. So, what exactly is stress?

Stress is any factor which causes a disturbance to the body’s homeostasis and forces it to enter the fight or flight situation. There are different things which take place in our minds and bodies when we have to react to stressor. First of all, the brain gives a signal which results to a surge of adrenaline; the muscles of our bodies become stronger in preparation for what is to come, our senses become more alert, and then you can easily do the impossible…like run faster than a deer when being chased by an enemy! Stress is good as it helps us to get through dangerous situations, but when it becomes persistent, certain brain problems may occur.

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Top 3 Fruits That Are Extremely Good For Your Brain Mon, 03 Dec 2012 17:17:00 +0000 admin

The fact that the fruits are good for our health is not a new thing. Since we were little kids we hear that eating fruits will make us healthier and smarter. But are all the fruits equally beneficial for our brains? The answer is no. There are fruits that boost your mental functioning much more than the others.

The third place goes to Avocado – First, lets make clear that Avocado is a fruit and not a vegetable. That is why This awesome brain fruit is on this list.

Let’s make something else clear – Yes, it is fatty food, but it contains healthy fats. It decreases bad cholesterol while increasing good one.

Avocado contains Vitamin E that protects our brains from diseases like Alzheimer. It also contains Folate that is essential for a healthy brain as it helps maintaining cognitive function.

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Top 3 Brain Drinks That Will Boost Your Intelligence Wed, 28 Nov 2012 18:50:28 +0000 admin

There is good news for all the beverage lovers out there. There are drinks that boost your mental powers. I’m not talking about some disgusting medicine drinks, but tasty, natural beverages that we all enjoy to drink. So, next time you grab a cup or a glass to drink them, not only you will enjoy, but know that you make your brain work better. The first one on our list is a green tea.

Green Tea – Not only it’s delicious, good for your heart and nervous system, it’s an awesome drink for a brain as well. Recent study that was made by the Chinese scientists showed that the chemicals in a green tea promotes the generation of a brain cells. Tradition of drinking a green tea is so old, yet no one really paid attention to the benefits it can give to our brains. Whatever research was done, mostly they were focusing on a green tea’s effect on a cardiovascular system. But as we see, green tea is more than a heart drink – It’s awesome for the brain as well.

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