Top 10 Snacks You Must Not Eat

Potato Chips Are Bad For YouEveryone loves snacks. They are great when we are hungry, when we hang out with friends, watch something and even when we just want to have something tasty.  We enjoy having them, but most of the popular snacks are so bad for your health that you should start saying no to them. Some of them are obviously unhealthy and the people are aware what they are putting in their bodies, but there are also snacks that might seem healthy, but in reality they are one of the worst food and eating them won’t have a good consequences. Here’s the list of 10 unhealthy snacks that you should never eat and replace it with other healthier option.

1. Potato Chips – Everyone’s favorite, but the hard truth is there’s absolutely nothing good about them. Enter the first of our 10 worst snacks for the health. High in fat, the unhealthiest kind of carbs, saturated with salt and extremely addictive. Here’s a hidden danger – did you know when you fry potatoes they alter chemically and show signs of a substance that’s proven to cause nerve damage? It’s true. Scary. huh?

2. Roasted Nuts - Most roasted nuts come seasoned with salt and honey too. Bad idea, for the health conscious. Recent studies have even questioned the protein content of roasted nuts, suggesting the roasting process strips them of much of the healthy protein. Either way the harm they deliver is too great to be eaten with any sort of regularity.

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