Top 5 Nutrition Myths You Must Not Believe

Diet Coke is Bad

There are many nutrition myths that misguide people and make them believe something that simply is not true. While talking about nutrition myths, we must be careful. Wrong information about the food we eat can be very dangerous and can cause many health problems. Sometimes very healthy food loses reputation because of the misinformation and false belief. In order to avoid this, here’s the top 5 nutrition myths that you must not believe:

Myth #1 – Drinking regular soda is bad, but diet one is okay – 1 Can of classic Coca-Cola has 143 calories while diet Coke has 0. That sounds awesome right? No calories in your body means no weight gain.. Wrong! It’s a myth that the people use to justify their soda consumption. “Oh I’ll have diet coke, I’m trying to be healthy” – That’s not how it works unfortunately. No matter how much we love the taste, it’s bad for you.

Died soda messes up your metabolism. According to the study that was done in University of Minnesota 4 years ago, drinking one can of diet soda increases the metabolic syndrome by 34%. As the study from Harvard University shows, consuming diet soda is linked to the kidney diseases as well. It is also very acidic since it has pH and it causes teeth rotting. There are lots of other studies done on diet sodas and none of them showed any benefit for our bodies. Try to avoid it and replace it with other less harmful drinks.

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